Friday, August 26, 2011

The Upbringing to Success or Downfall

Our parents are the major parts of our lives. Regardless if they’re our biological ones, foster parents, or a guardian family or friend. Depending on how they raise us, normally reflects on how we think and act. And hopefully, it’s the correct way.

Being here at camp and looking at who all I’ve seen, you could say I’m really disappointed. Now I’m not saying that the kids aren’t being raised properly or the counselors. Just a lot of their actions make me question what it is that they have been taught.

Kids – These guys and girls are our future. They can be the ones to help better society when they grow older. But the first part of growing up, is getting the right guidance from the parents. Granted, a lot of parents don’t have the best habits in the world. Such as; smoking, drinking, cussing, neglect, and a few of those other “bad” habits. Yes, I am saying that those things do affect how a person is raised. Because what you do, makes them want to believe that they can do it to.

Parents appearance for how they dress can also be passed down to them as well. Dress well, and the kid usually wants to be semi-close to about perfect with their parents. Dress slightly clothed, and your gonna find your kid possibly mixing with the wrong crowd. And no one likes cliques or groups. They are really dumb and ridiculous. A lot of kids can’t get into them either because of small certain factors. It’s best to stop those before they even start. Take initiative into the kids life. It’s more of a guarantee that you’ll notice something is different and possibly wrong with them, than if the parents didn’t give a hoot at all.

Now, a lot of kids as they grow up say they wanna be just like their parents. Or some say, “god I’ll never be like them.” Unfortunately to their minds, they are them. They are no one else, but who their parents normally are.

Please remember to love your kids. Teach them the proper ways of living. Clothed, washed, respectful, courteous, mannerly, and all of those other great things. It will pay off. Turn dreams of greatness into reality.

It all begins and ends, with you.

Rigged Choices

It’s a common thing I hear at the arcade I work at. “The games are rigged aren’t they?” “Man, I couldn’t get the prize, so rigged.” And many others to go along with those. What a lot of them don’t get, is that they aren’t rigged. No, I’m not paid to be saying that. They literally are NOT!!!!! What’s rigged, are your choices in life.

Now you’re probably beginning to wonder what exactly I’m meaning by, “rigged”. It’s just what it sounds like. Everything you do, affects the outcome of next to every situation that goes on in your life. Friends you have, relationships you go through, family closeness, and whatever else you can think of.

Rigged – To manipulate dishonesty for personal gain.

Unfortunately, there are other meanings for that word. But that best fits this situation. Luckily though, that definition can easily be changed. Cause its not always dishonesty. You can even manipulate honesty. Which is what everyone calls a, “lie”.

- The reason you didn’t get the prize, is because you didn’t position the claw over the prize properly. Or just because you plainly suck after the 3rd or 4th try. (sorry if offended. but honest truth when you game in life)
- Didn’t get your dream job? By chance did you take the steps that was needed to get this dream job? No? Well gosh, there’s your problem.
- Didn’t mean to speed, eh? Then why did you do it? Oh a lame excuse. Yea, I’ve heard that one before. Here’s your ticket. Be here on that date, that time, with that much money in hand.

Just a few examples that everything you do, has a consequence. Or multiple consequences. Make sure you choose your words carefully. And make sure your actions are also the same as what you preach. No one likes a hypocrite. Don’t become one and ruin your life.